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“Living in a small town is like having a large family of rather unconventional relations.” – Joyce Dennys I understand what that phrase means because I’m from the small and rural area of Logan County, Arkansas.  Logan is approximately 732 square miles with a population of 21,792 (2012) which is an average of 31.6 people […]

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Karen M. McManus bleef toen ze klein was liever binnen om te schrijven in plaats van naar buiten te gaan om te spelen. Ze heeft een master’s degree in journalistiek, maar die heeft ze nooit gebruikt. Als ze niet werkt of schrijft in Cambridge, Massachusetts, reist ze graag met haar zoon. Ze is geboren in […]

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Here come 2018!  January is almost over, only one week left. Time goes by.  This year is full of great things if we all can use it purposely. For me personally, I will dedicate this year to be a year of my personal growth, setting   and meeting my goals.  As I begin my journey here […]

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1. Introduction Digital platforms organizations are the main tools of transforming the economy into a digital economy. They use advanced digital technologies, are primarily data-driven, and match supply and demand in unconventional and new ways. The last century, information technology has deeply reduced the need to own physical infrastructure and assets; it facilitates the platform’s […]

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Aight, let’s tick off the basics and history lesson first: As per definitionem, “burlesque”, derived from Italian “burlesco”, is a work of art meant to elicit a joyful atmosphere by either mocking the inherent ideas behind more serious works or treating their sujets and protagonists in a similar manner. Eventually the format morphed into what became […]

Education why guardians would decide to home-school

Education is very important in today’s world. But have you at any point thought as a parent would it be a good idea for me to home-school my kid or is public school better, however, you simply have the correct sources? Well today I want to give you the sources required. I intend to examine […]

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Point 1: To boost confidence (Evening Gazette, 2013; Zoe Midas, 2012) 1a People with poor body confidence usually suffer from low self-esteem. One of the best ways to make themselves more confident and outgoing is to have confidence on their own body shape. (Evening Gazette, 2013) 1b As time passes by, there will be some […]

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This essay will discuss what an auteur is, what qualifies a director to become an auteur and the ways in which Anderson may be considered an auteur. The latter shall be achieved through an analytical study of scenes from several of Anderson’s films. The films I am going to look at are ‘The Grand Budapest […]

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  Q-1: “Personnel’s education and training do not affect the server security architecture”. Do you agree on the previous statement? Why? Please discuss your opinion considering the all components of the server security architecture. Describe the differences between security awareness, training, and education in terms of the goals, the target group, the level, the test […]

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The tenth Avenue Bridge crosses the Mississippi River near downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Tenth Avenue Bridge, was otherwise called the Cedar Avenue Bridge before they started doing development. The scaffold interfaces the southeast side toward the west side. The structure of the extension is made of 21 territories with a length of around 2,153 feet. […]